Adults can contact JULIE by calling 8-1-1 or online at

Digging Safely with
Go on an Underground Adventure!

Under your house are utility lines and pipes that allow you to turn on the lights, stay warm in the winter, stream your favorite shows and take a bath. When grown-ups plan to dig in Illinois, they contact JULIE.

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Why Do We Need to Dig Safely?

If someone digs without checking and hits a hidden pipe or line, we might lose fun things like TV or warm showers. Let’s make sure we always check first!

Grown-ups Call JULIE to Know Where to Dig Safely.

When grown-ups contact JULIE before they dig, companies come and mark underground lines to help them dig safely.

What Do Those Yard Flags Tell Us?

Hover over each flag color to see what they mean.

Have you seen colorful flags on the ground? These flags are placed there by the companies who bring you gas, water, electricity, internet, phone and other lines. If you see them, don’t touch. Wait for a grown-up to move them.

Telephone and Internet
Temporary Mark
Reclaimed Water
Where You Plan to Dig
Play these games on a computer or tablet

What’s Different Underground?

Underground in Illinois, there are pipes, lines, and lots of animals. Look at these pictures and spot the differences!

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Create a Digital Masterpiece!

Use these digital coloring sheets to create your own works of art.  Try to remember which colors are used for utility flags.

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Learn About Calling 811

Watch and learn about why it is important to call 811 and discover what lines and pipes might be below.

Chicago Wolves Read to Succeed

Schools and libraries can partner with JULIE and the Chicago Wolves to make reading…

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Windy City Thunderbolts

Enjoy baseball, food and fun at JULIE Family Sunday at Windy City Thunderbolts.

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Progressive Ag Safety Days

We are proud to participate in Progressive Ag Safety Days and educate the next generation about safe digging.

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